Huang Shan Mao Feng

Cloudy and misty Mt. Huangshan’s miraculous power breeds Mao Feng tea. The red-crowned fuzzy petiole is brilliant, the fragrance strong even after three brews.

Orchid-shaped, Shan Mao Feng Huang is a brand of baked green tea. Hailed as the best of Mao Feng tea, Huang Shan Mao Feng has a sparrow-tongue-like shape, silvery white fuzz, golden liquid, refreshingly mellow and sweet taste, and the brewed leaves are tender yellow. The impurities are picked out before processing. The processing involves deactivation, followed by rolling and desiccation. Traditionally, desiccation Is the “primary drying” over hot charcoal and the “complete drying” over less hot charcoal. Modern processing involves desiccating machines. The quality is characterized by a smooth, yellowish-green color similar to ivory, golden-fish leaves, fat and average buds, clear rich and lasting fragrance, refreshingly mellow taste and a sweet after brew in porcelain tea sets, clear and bright liquid, and tender yellow brewed leaves.

There is a wonderful legend about Huangshan Maofeng Tea. Long ago, there lived a girl called Luo Xiang. Her beauty earned her the name“a phoenix in remote mountains.” She had many suitors. The girl decided to choose her ideal husband through the magic of tea.

Shi Yong, the man she loved, was able to win her. But as revenge, some villainous people beat Shi Yong to death. The heartbroken Luo Xiang asked her people to move Shi Yong’s body beneath a tea bush beside a mountain brook. She watered the tea bush with her own blood and tears. At last, the heavenly gods, touched by her deeds, made Shi Yong rise from death by nurturing him with the tea leaves of the bush above him. The two lovers were happily reunited and the tea bush became the origin of Huang Shan Mao Feng.