Meng Ding Gan Lu

“The water in the center of the Yangtze River is the best, while the tea on the top of Mt. Meng ding is ranked first.”

The curved Meng Ding Gang Lu is a brand of green tea produced in Mt. Mengding in the western Mingshan County of Sichuan Province. It is said that Wu Lizheng, known as the “Forefather of Tea” and the “Master of Dew,” personally planted seven tea bushes in the Shangqing Peak that are still seen today.

In addition this area also produces the yellow tea Meng Ding Huang Ya.

The Meng Ding Gang Lu features curled leaves, fuzzy buds, bright yellowish- green liquid, mild fragrance, refreshingly sweet taste, and yellowish-green and tender brewed leaves. To brew the tea in cast iron teapots, the middle-brewing method should be adopted. The fine and tender buds sink to the bottom and then unfurl after absorbing moisture.