Wu Yuan Ming Mei

There is a popular saying: “Where can Ming Mei Tea be found? In the households of the most beautiful countryside!” Wu Yuan Ming Mei Tea is produced in the Wuyuan County of Jiangxi Province, with the reputation of the “Most Beautiful Countryside in China.” Situated along the border between Anhui and Jiangxi Province, Wuyuan was under the administration of the Hui Prefecture in the past.

In March 2005, the local government applied for registration of a trade mark known as “Wuyuan Green Tea.” Wu Yuan Ming Mei Tea. the most famous green tea in Wuyuan, is a semi-baked and semi-roasted green tea variety processed through deactivation, rolling, baking, roasting in pans and rebaking.

It is curved like eyebrows, with brilliant white fuzz, refreshing, sweet and mellow taste, lasting fruity fragrance. The tea liquid is green, with tender, even and unbroken brewed leaves.

To brew in English tea sets, adopt the tea middle-brewing method. While steeping, the leaves resemble lading plum blossoms.” The fragrance and taste are best in the second brew, and the taste and fragrance remain even after several brews.