Kai Hua Long Ding

Also Known as Da Long Cha, this tea is produced in Kaihua County of Zhejiang Province. It has a single bud, compact and erect contour and is jade green, has a refreshing and lasting fragrance, mellow and fresh taste, green and clear liquid and evenly brewed leaves.


Shi Feng Long Jing

Shi Feng Long Jing is the best of Xi Hu Long Jing, which is the best among all Long Jing teas It is also believed to be the most authentic Long Jing tea because of its place of origin from Long Jing town, surrounded by Mt. Shi Feng in the hilly Xihu District of Zhejiang Province.

Xi Hu Long Jing (The West Lake Long Jing)

Lake Xi Hu. Longwu. Liuxia. Zhuantang and Zhoupu of Xihu district of Hang Zhou City are home to Long Jing tea and the famous Xi Hu Long Jing. Both the Packed and the processed varieties are collectively named after the place of origin. LakeXihu (the West Lake)

Traditionally. Xi Hu Long Jing is packed in craft paper and stored in pottery jars along with some quicklime wrapped in a piece of clean cotton doth.

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Long Jing Tea “Dragon Well Tea”

Known as the “Queen” of green tea for its “green color, strong fragrance, mellow taste and pretty contour,” Long Jing fresh green tea leaves are harvested before the Grain Rain of the Solar Term, and the typical sample of this tea is flat, tastes sweet with a fragrance c leguminous flowers. Traditional and modern high-quality Long Jing tea is completely manually roasted. Roasting of the Long Jing tea requires great attention and skilled hands during the tea-leaf processing. In 1757, visiting the South Yangtze area. Emperor Oianlong of the Qing Dynasty also commented upon the process of roasting in his poem The Song upon Inspecting the Tea Craftsmanship. Today, although roasting is usually performed with electric pans, the processing skills remain highly demanding. The harvested fresh leaves must be spread thinly on the ground to deactivate and roll (15 minutes); the deactivated and rolled leaves are spread for cooling and regaining moisture, ready to be sifted. Then they are desiccated and shaped in the pans. The desiccated crude tea is sifted and then re-roasted before the processed crude tea is sifted again to remove any residue fragments and dust. Finally, it is piled up and stored according to their grades.

Long Jing tea is a flat, smooth and bright green leaf, with a mellow and refreshing taste and a light aftertaste. The liquid is clear and bright, pleasantly fragrant and with evenly immersed and settled tea leaves at the pot bottom (henceforth referred to as brewed leaves).

Long Jing tea is produced in three areas, namely. Xihu. Qiantang and Yuezhou. with such famous brands as XI Hu Long Jing, Qian Tang Long Jing and Yue Zhou Long Jing.

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