Mei Zhu Ye Qing Tea

The flat E Mei Zhu Ye Qing tea was developed in the 1960s, when Chen Yi (1901-1972), a communist general, statesman and a marshal of the PLA, visited Mt. Emei. He drank a cup of this tea and praised its delicate fragrance and sweet and mellow aftertaste. The Marshal named it Zhu Ye Qing (literally “bamboo leaf green”) because the tea resembled tender bamboo leaves.

The tea is green, flat, smooth and straight. The liquid is bright green, light but with lingering fragrance, refreshing and mellow taste, unbroken and clear brewed leaves.

The leaves float on the surface of the water initially, and after absorbing moisture, gradually sink to the bottom. The most suitable teapot is the common transparent glass cups. The middle-brewing method is adopted for this tea. The best way to enjoy this tea is to observe the dance of the tea leaves, smell the fragrance, appreciate the delicate fragrance of the tea and slowly sip the tea.

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