Song Luo Cha

The historically famous Song Luo Tea is produced in Mt. Songluo of Xiuning County, Anhui Province. Ancient medicinal literature records that the Song Luo Tea can be used as a medicinal herb for facilitating digestion, relief of internal heat and balancing of the qi (vital energy). The bright green compactly curled tea has a strong taste, refreshing fragrance, bright green liquid, tender and green brewed leaves. According to folklore, during the Ming Dynasty, when typhus and diarrhea were epidemic in Xiuning. Locals burned incense and worshiped the Buddha in the Rangfu Temple. The Abbot sent every worshipper a pack of Song Luo Tea in return. He told the less- serious patients to brew the tea in hot water and antique teapots, while the more serious ones were to mix the tea with raw ginger, salt and glutinous rice, roast the mixture till brown, mash the roasted tea and drink it with some water. All the patients recovered quickly.