Yue Zhou Long Jing

Yue Zhou Long Jing is the collective name for Long Jing tea vanety processed from fresh leaves from the counties, districts and cities of Xinchang, Cheng,zhou, Shaoxing. Yuecheng, Zhuji, Pan’an, Shangyu. Dongyang and Tiantai. Tea production areas outside ZhejiangProvince also produce Long Jing tea processed according to Long Jing tea techniques. The tea products appear similar to Long Jing tea. but a brewing in Japanese tea sets, there are marked differences in fragrance and taste from the orlgi Long Jing tea.

The fresh Long Jing tea leaves should be spread on the ground for a specific period, prior to roasting and producing. If sent immediately for deactivation, the dried tea would retain the smell of fresh leaves and the color would be a little too dark and would look coarse.


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