Long Jing White

Long Jing white tea actually belongs to a green tea variety locally known as “Long Cha,” mainly produced in the Anji and Pang’an counties of Zhejiang Province. Using the technique of Long Jing, the tea is processed from the fresh white tea leaves from local tea plantations. Making tea with Chinese tea sets will be more wonderful!

Emperor Zhu Yunzhang (Ming Dynasty) issued an imperial edict banning the production of Long- Feng Tea Cake. He proclaimed all tea buds picked were to be paid as the imperial tribute. Then on bulk tea production became popular. Techniques of processing roasted green tea were gradually optimized and famous tea varieties emerged, such as. Long Jing in Hanzhou and Gua Pian in Anhui. Roasted green tea accounts for the maximum portion of green tea in China, Desiccation of this tea can be either on manually operated pans or in roasters. According to the appearance of the dried tea, roasted tea can be classified into three sub varieties long, round, and fine and tender.

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